Wednesday, March 10, 2010

29, the Sequel

Doomsday has finally come.  It had been slowly creeping up on me for quite some time now, but it showed up a lot sooner than I was ready for.  Today is the dreaded 30th birthday for me.  UGHHHHHH!

When you're 21, 22....even 23, you're so excited for your birthday to come.  To turn another year older, maybe even wiser.  You want the whole world to know it's your special day.  You want a million friends to get together and celebrate.  Go out, eat, drink, party.  I'm here to confirm that is definitely NOT the case when you turn 30!  I'd rather just have no one remember that this year I enter a new decade.  It's still nice to hear "happy birthday" from family and friends, but I could do without the 30 part.  I prefer to call this new year "29, the Sequel."  YIKES!  

30 just sounds like a whole new level of responsibility and maturity.  Not that I don't consider myself responsible and mature, but 30 sounds like I should be doing something differently.  Have most things figured out in life.  I feel far from that.  Anyway, enough rambling about this dreaded day of mine.  Here's a  photo of myself today to remember this day by.  

All in all, I really have had a good day.  It's nearly 70 degrees today (the warmest of the year so far) and sunny.  I had a great lunch with Matt, my mom and Richard.  And Matt even went with me to buy a new MAC lipstick after lunch.  I'm about to go take a walk around the neighborhood with Mimi and Matt.  I guess I'm truly blessed and love my life, even if it has taken me 30 years to get to this point.  Good things are always worth the wait.

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