Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sweet Slumber

Yesterday my Leachco Back and Belly pillow came in the mail from Amazon.  I was super stoked since it arrived about 6 pm, and of course I had already been thinking about bedtime since I resisted a late afternoon nap that was calling my name.  I tore into the box and pulled my new sleeping companion out. 
She was beautiful and I couldn't wait to climb into bed and hopefully get a restful night of sleep.  I took a relaxing bath and crawled into bed.  I snuggled into the middle of this Big Bertha and.....

The angels sang from Heaven.  It was pure bliss, comfort at it's best, my answer to the pillow adjusting problem I've been struggling with for weeks.  I can turn from side to side and not move pillows around, which adds so much sleep time to my night.  I fell asleep in a few minutes and didn't wake up for 4 hours (only because I had to pee) and I was in the exact same position.  That is unheard of lately!  This pillow is especially magical while lying on your back, and for later in pregnancy when I need to stay off my back, the "legs" make perfect wedges.  Check out this link to see all the different ways to use this magical pillow. 

Now for the logistics.  Matt was concerned about how large it was.  It does appear mammoth, but when we put it in the bed, it actually takes up less room than my body pillow and the other 2 pillows I was using.  Although I don't think many hubbys would like this in anything smaller than a king size might be a tight squeeze.  Although if you can convince him to snuggle up to the other side, then it may be doable in a queen.  Also, it comes with a cover, but after further inspection once this arrived at my house, it doesn't have a zipper so it looks like it would be difficult to reapply after washing.  My solution?  I put a king size pillow case over each "leg" and draped another king size pillow case over where my head would lay.  It worked out rather well.  It's not glamorous, but neither is a pregnant girl who hasn't slept well.  I give this bad boy two thumbs up and would recommend it to anyone, not just girls with buns in their ovens, who needs more support while sleeping.  It would be great for those with back pain (my sciatic pain is so much better this morning) or hip pain.  It's not a cheap pillow at $59.99 (shipping is free), but I will gladly pay 60 bucks for peaceful sleep over the next several months.

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  1. Awesome! I was waiting for you to get yours before I ordered one. I think I will definitely be getting one now! I've resorted to sleeping on Peytonn's pillow pet. Sad, I know!